Festival News - 2018

Bands update! K.A.A. stage at ba2018! 19 Jul 2018

Many of you have asked and the question is YES, we are bringing The Keep - Ambient Lodge stage this year again! K.A.L. next to Horror Cinema will offer you an extra dimension of music, cozy retreat with absinth bar for all sensitive souls who want to run away from crowded places for a while.

This year´s K.A.L. stage is proud to announce a strong representation of female artists, who will perform as front-women or as complete soloists of their musical projects. Namely LAMIA VOX, SHE SPREAD SORROW, HECATE, LAHKÁ MÚZA or LOFN. There are also several musicians performing at the festival in well-know bands and K.A.L. stage will introduce them with more obscure solo projects. This purpose is strongly essential for K.A.L. stage since its inception.

This year we have also a large number of domestic artists, which also corresponds to the main idea of K.A.L. stage as a support platform for (not only) domestic ambient and industrial-noise scene. Last but not least, we do not forget all-night-running freetekno session from Igra sound system from Wednesday to Saturday.

777 Babalon (SK)
Angel Epilepsia (SK)
Apoptose (D)
Geography of Hell (int)
Hecate vs. Instinct Primal (A/CZ)
Izanasz (CZ)
Lahká Múza (SK)
Lamia Vox (RU)
Mollusk King (GB)
Opening Performance Orchestra (CZ)
Phelios (D)
Sektion B (D)
Shantidas (FR)
She Spread Sorrow (I)
Void ov Voices (H)

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